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PAB Architects was engaged by BKW to design our client’s new administration offices, to create a new staff canteen area, and to extend its existing production workshop and manufacturing premises. Refurbishing existing offices and delivering new-build production facilities would support additional manufacturing demands as the business grew and diversified

BKW Instruments, Manchester, is a precision engineering specialist which develops, repairs and calibrates pressure temperature, hydraulic, level and flow valves and other measuring devices at its research laboratory and manufacturing facility for heavy industrial uses, including those in the gas and oil sector.

Integrating a new semi-industrial design with the site’s existing premises, PAB’s architect, design and project management work for BKW required a practical approach which would not disrupt the client’s business. Maintaining fully operational research, manufacturing and engineering premises throughout, our new extension was sufficiently self-contained to allow for a seamless commission once complete.

Working together with our client to gain a thorough understanding of its workflow and operational processes, PAB Architects was able to design and build extended manufacturing and laboratory premises to support increases in production, meeting BKW’s clients’ demands and enabling considerable business growth. The project was completed on a fully-operational site throughout.

Meeting our client’s need, PAB Architects increased BKW’s operational premises, allowing for growth and expansion of the client business. Production on site increased by 100% following the commission of the new manufacturing space, and with more people now employed and able to enjoy facilities such as improved canteen and office spaces, BKW is a success story in business excellence for Greater Manchester. PAB Architects is delighted to continue to work with BKW on further projects to support its growth ambitions.

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